After 30 years of industrial experience, PierAchille Coletti founded CMP&P Company in 1994, focusing the activity of the company mainly on communication and promotional campaigns: those were the years of the birth of the first in-store communications and brand awareness for the leading brands of mass-market.
Also by signing and ethically applying the Codes of Conduct of the top ADV associations in Italy, the visionary aproach of PierAchille lead him to perform some of the most relevant national ADV-campaigns.

The arrival of his son Luca in the company in 2004 allowed a natural continuity to his father’s inheritance but his professionality paved also the way for a more complete support to specific projects of Retail Visibility. To better meet clients’ needs in terms of quality and timing, CMP&P expanded its skills to a more Design and Engineering approach to let the production be more effective and qualitative, also implementing in the projects innovative materials, Technological devices and Retailtainment tools.

CMP&P is today characterized by innovative strength and sustainable commitment, being a globally operating company offering personalized solutions to Luxury and Mass Market clients, starting from the Design&Engineering to the Prototyping and Production of any concept, POP and Retail tools, including customized furnitures and industrial components, Counter and Floor displays in durable and semi-durable materials.


CMP&P stronlgly believes in the Market, since it is only the competition that stimulates research and development, pushing our Team in many cases to meet the challenge. We have been serving our customers for years, successfully achieving their goals with great passion. Our customers, who feel our passion in carry out each step of their projects, perceive us as Partners who, side by side, suggest performing solutions in a highly competitive market.
The challenge that arises from such a competitive market finds us always passionate and attentive in searching for the most appropriate technical solutions and innovative materials, besides the careful daily commitment in containing production costs.
OUR STRENGTH. We consider crucial the compliance with production procedures in addition to top transparency in the design and engineering processes that are perceived as a constant and continuous support to our customer.


CMP&P in its management of daily business activities, firmly guarantee competence, continuity, diligence, reliability and quality of services, intended to increase knowledge and satisfaction of clients’ expectation: our attention to all details and our skill on materials’ choice means for our clients a guarantee for the final results.
Our focus is to customer satisfaction: sharing tools for letting the customer be informed in real time on project timing as well as a constant support of a dedicated Project Manager.
Production process: high reliability in the project management and a strong focus on new production and technological solutions, also thanks to outsourced Partners extremely professional and competent.
Integrity of the Team: the value of our single resources is the key to the success of any company, so our employees are constantly trained and involved in any new solution and material.
Environment sustainability and safety: our goal is always to improve, for this reason we have certified our management system to ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard. The path to certification corresponds to a precise corporate intent: to invest in quality means involving the structure and all team in a continuous improvement.

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